How can I reinstall QuickBooks without a CD

QuickBooks is really a versatile software and can be tailored according to the needs of users. It helps in managing and organizing all tasks related to accounting. From payrolls to vendor payments, everything can be done with this ultimate software. But to use it, one needs to install it on their device. But it is important to note that the CD is not a necessity for installation of the software. Users can download it from the official website too. After downloading the file, users can reinstall it in the same way as other programs. Wondering about the right steps? Then get in touch with QuickBooks helpline number for detailed guidance.

There are three stages that need to be completed in order to perform the reinstallation of the software on your respective device. All of them are given below so that you can refer them.

  1. Get the license and product numbers ready: You can still reinstall the software in case if you have lost the CD. But yes, you will need the original license and product numbers as well as downloads of the installation files that match your specific version of QuickBooks.
  2. Download Installation files : Go to ‘My Downloads’ section of QuickBooks and get the installation files. You will have to use the login information and the license and product numbers from the original purchase to download the files. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  3. Registration : Once you reinstall the software on your device then there will be the process of registration that needs to be done. If you are using the same computer then the registration will not be required but in case of the new one, it is a must. Click on register QuickBooks and enter the company information correctly. After the entries are done, you can use the software.

If you accidentally lost your license and product number then you can get them by contacting QuickBooks customer support number that stays available round the clock. The team of technical representatives will help you accordingly and you will not face any complexities.

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